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Tiffany Williams is a darkwave / post-punk musician from Canada. Her music feels like it was made for an energetic 80s dance floor, yet it still retains traces of darkwave gloom.

Her first solo EP “Getting Nowhere” highlighted synth-infused goth-rock and darkwave songs showcasing her experimentation and beginning her new sonic chapter. Her melancholy lyrics and droning vocals matched with driving energetic instrumentals created a sense of nostalgia pulling inspiration from bands like: Killing Joke, Human Tetris, Type O Negative & She Passed Away

She was formerly the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in the screamo/math-rock band, Elmer Flood, and together they released an EP “Elmer Flood – Rabbit Season” [2020]. Since then, Tiffany has been releasing sporadic singles and is aiming to release a new darkwave solo album in the upcoming year.

My Music

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